Nacho Libre-inspired menu plan

Not really!

We are all sitting in the family room watching Nacho Libre and I am thinking about our upcoming menu for the week.  Football practice has started, which is a new thing for us. I am trying to come up with meals that aren’t too heavy since we’ll be eating them after practice 4 times a week. In the movie, Nacho Libre, Nacho is in charge of the cooking for the orphans. He is distressed with his lack of fresh produce with which to make the meals.  I am feeling that! I have been a little blue because we don’t have any sort of a garden and the produce doesn’t seem to be staying fresh for as long. I wonder if that is a humidity issue?

Tomorrow morning (early) my sweet sister and her sweet family are driving away. My morning will be a little melancholy, yet I know I can reflect on how great our time was together, how I love her family and how sweet it is that we like to spend time together. I am already listening to How He Loves by Kim Walker to get myself in the right frame of mind. God is good.

On Friday, Tommy’s sister, her husband and their children will make the drive down to us. We can’t wait! We love our families. Just being able to laugh and share a meal with them in our house is such a precious gift.  They will get to hear Tommy preach on Sunday. My sister and her family were able to hear him this morning. He was great – if I do say so myself!

In any case, here’s what I’ve got – Nacho Style with a football practice twist. 🙂


Chicken quesadillas on homemade tortillas, rice, salad, fruit parfaits.


Grilled Fish, stir fry veggies, rolls


Meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans, pudding


Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, Carrot Coins, Peas

Friday: (Family coming in town for the weekend – YAHOO!)

Chicken Enchiladas, Salad, Rice, Chips, Salsa, Cupcakes


Hot Dogs, Chips, Veggies & Dip, Brownies


Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Green Salad, Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s coming to a table near you this week?



The beach

I wonder…did God know how good it would feel to have sand under your feet and between your toes when He created the ocean and beach? I can’t get over how relaxing it is to me. How long could I sit in my little chair under my umbrella and watch the waves while listening to the hypnotic sound of waves crashing into one another?

I love our beach – South Padre Island – more than I ever thought I could.  My life is good…real good (Nacho Libre).  We spent several hours playing in the warm waves and soft sand today. My sister’s children and mine laughing and splashing and boogie-boarding. Ahhhh! The boys caught a horseshoe crab and we saw tons of fishies.  Some were sharks. I just know they were.

Thank you, God for this little island You made just for me.  I really, really like it.


Baking Day

Today my sister, her hubby and their adorable 4 boys are driving down to spend the weekend with us. I am amazed they are doing it, quite frankly. It’s a boring drive for half of the trip. Cactus, cactus, cactus and a million-mile ranch known as the King Ranch. I am quite excited (as it the rest of my family) nevertheless and we are counting down the hours ’til they get here.

My middle guy is the one who is always thinking like an artist so he made towel animals for the “guest suite.” They are adorable. He is proud of his work and he should be. Two of the three bathrooms are sparkling and off limits until they arrive. Beds are made with fresh linens and two air mattresses blown up for the younger guys. I don’t think sleep will come quickly this first night, however!

In anticipation of feeding 11, I went to the market yesterday and bought a few things (extra tp – I know, it was a good idea!)  I also did some baking today.

Hot Dog Buns - my first attempt at them. To the left is my first -ever attempt at Hot Dog Buns. I think they turned out pretty well! I made 24.

Bread Here’s one of the sandwich loaves. I am still finding some weirdness with uneven baking with the gas oven.  Does anyone have a remedy or tip for this?


I wanted to include a snapshot of the thing that makes all of the baking possible at my house: My Bosch. I cannot tell you what she means to me. Yes, I typed “she.” Frau Liesel does all of my work for me. I love her.   If you look closely at the picture of the sandwich bread, you’ll see Frau Liesel’s best friend,  Sun-Hi the Grain Mill.  (Made by Nutrimill, manufactured in Korea :-))

You see, I pour about 12 cups of wheat berries into the mill, grind it into flour and then pour the flour, warm water, yeast, coconut oil, dough enhancer, salt, lemon juice and honey into the Bosch and let her do her work. In less than 10 minutes, I go from wheat berries to bread dough. I let that beautiful dough rest under plastic wrap, then shape it into rolls or loaves and let it rise again. Into a 325 oven it goes for 25 mintues or so and…fresh, healthy, homemade bread.

I love baking bread. It soothes me. I also love eating warm bread. We just had a slice with fig preserves on it.  Yum!  I prefer jam with seeds – raspberry topping my list.

What’s your favorite toast (or fresh, hot bread) topper?


UGG Boots



I am trying to win a pair of UGG boots. Now, you may be thinking, “Didn’t Janna just move to the subtropics?” And the answer is YES, I did. But Christmas is a comin’…. Enough said.  My sister LOVES these and has a circulation problem and just has to keep her feet toasty. Here’s hoping I win, right?

So, on the topic of Christmas gift-giving, I am already starting to think about it.  Last year, it was homemade all the way for extended family. I really liked it. It was so special to me. I am already thinking about what I could make and have some great ideas in mind!

How about you? Are you already thinking about the holidays?


I don’t quite understand it, but I’m a fan of the Duggar show, 18 Kids and Counting. Let’s face it. I’m a fan of the Duggar family.  It’s a show we can watch together and talk about. They are in many ways very similar to our family except there are less of us and we are somehow louder and less organized.

Here’s what I am learning:

1. You don’t have to yell to be heard.

2. Rollerblading in the house when you have tile might not be a bad thing altogether.

3. Happy relationships between parents do exist on television.

4. Family is where it’s at.

They took in Mr. Duggar’s Mom and Dad when his Dad became terminally ill. I cried. They recently helped another ginormous family add on to their home. I cried. I cry not because this is great, moving tv – but because there is something there that challenges me to think less of what is the “norm” of the world, and more about what should be normal. It should be normal that families eat together. It should be normal that we see families play together, laugh together and weep together.

Enjoy your family. Yell less. Eat more tater tots.

That’s it for today.



So, a blog I visit every single day (heavenlyhomemakers) hosts Gratituesday on Tuesdays (get it?). This is my first time to participate and I have a lot to remind myself of. Here’s a sampling of what I will be meditating on today…

1. Grateful for my precious family – here and far away

2. Grateful for a great ministry job for my man

3. Grateful I have a paycheck and budget for groceries

4. Grateful I can homeschool and my hubby supports this endeavor

5. Grateful for the many who have prayed for me over the years of my life – praying they are blessed by the One I am most grateful for….

How about you?

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