Menu Planning

Well, it’s Sunday afternoon.  Around here, that means we’ve finished off lunch and are relaxing around the house. I am usually at my desk, planning my week. I make my menu plans in 2-week increments because that is how we get paid. It just works for me.  I printed up some fun menu calendars on the web. Just google “printable menu planners” and see what you get. I liked the one at:

Right now, we are on the serious, mucho mucho tight grocery budget as we recover from the last 15 months + the move. I have about 100-125 bucks every paycheck to feed our big-eatin’ family of five.  This includes toiletries and such. We also love having company over and have been blessed by out-of town company almost every weekend. I try to take this into consideration when I am planning. I really miss some of my shopping stomping grounds back in Keller.

Here’s what’s on the dinner plan for the upcoming week. I won’t bore you with the breakfasts and lunches this time.  School starts here at our house tomorrow. Wahoo! My sister and her family and my Mom are coming in on Friday and will leave on Monday. I can’t wait! I am going to make some the amazing brown sugar bacon we tried this weekend for them. I hope it will work on fake bacon!


Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, peas and pull-apart rolls. (rolls are a new recipe I am trying out from Going to the dollar movies tonight – Mondays, tickets are 50 cents each if you buy 3 or more. Ice Age 3 – here we come.


Eating at a friends’ house (Yahoo!) I am bringing a cake. I think it will be a Texas Sheet Cake.


Grilled BBQ Pork Steaks, Buttered Corn, Applesauce


Grilled Speckled Trout, Salad, Sherbet


Caesar Chicken Salad, Pudding


Chicken Enchiladas/Cheese Enchiladas, Rice, Beans


Lasagne Casserole in the Crockpot, fruit


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ally michael
    Aug 23, 2009 @ 22:21:45

    I am excited about your blog. What a great way to see what you are up to. I miss you!


  2. Christina
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 02:29:47

    Texas Sheet Cake – yum yum Can’t wait!!


  3. Mary Allen
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 20:04:55

    Janna, God has really blessed you! I am so happy to meet such a talented friend. You have encouraged me so much, Thanks!


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