First Day of School

Today was the first day of school here at our house. We started our day as usual…I hide under the covers and pretend like morning has not said, “howdy do” while the boys say good morning to each other and us and then ask what’s for breakfast.  After  delicious homemade sausage biscuits and fruit – we were off to the races!

We are doing some new things this year and I had promised the boys they were going to love it. Except for a small crying intermission (not mine) this proved to be the truth. We were done long before lunch and eating M&M’s and laughing with Dad as he joined us for chicken burgers and apples. (See I am telling you the boring other meal details and you didn’t even notice, did you?)

I put together the pull-apart rolls (!) and set them in the pans to rise and we were off to the movies. Ice Age 3. I am not giving it a thumbs up. Enough said. The boys enjoyed it, though. 50 cents each is hard to beat.  I think cinematography is a new homeschool subject we will be studying.

Rolls have just been baked and they are tasty. You didn’t think I would serve them to my guys without trying them first, did you?

SANY0009The recipe made 5 pans of these yummy rolls. We will try not to consume them all tonight.

Rolls always make me think about my Grandma. I miss her and I wish she was here to walk me through her pie crust recipe once again.  I think she would have liked these rolls even though they are whole wheat.


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