Baking Day

Today my sister, her hubby and their adorable 4 boys are driving down to spend the weekend with us. I am amazed they are doing it, quite frankly. It’s a boring drive for half of the trip. Cactus, cactus, cactus and a million-mile ranch known as the King Ranch. I am quite excited (as it the rest of my family) nevertheless and we are counting down the hours ’til they get here.

My middle guy is the one who is always thinking like an artist so he made towel animals for the “guest suite.” They are adorable. He is proud of his work and he should be. Two of the three bathrooms are sparkling and off limits until they arrive. Beds are made with fresh linens and two air mattresses blown up for the younger guys. I don’t think sleep will come quickly this first night, however!

In anticipation of feeding 11, I went to the market yesterday and bought a few things (extra tp – I know, it was a good idea!)  I also did some baking today.

Hot Dog Buns - my first attempt at them. To the left is my first -ever attempt at Hot Dog Buns. I think they turned out pretty well! I made 24.

Bread Here’s one of the sandwich loaves. I am still finding some weirdness with uneven baking with the gas oven.  Does anyone have a remedy or tip for this?


I wanted to include a snapshot of the thing that makes all of the baking possible at my house: My Bosch. I cannot tell you what she means to me. Yes, I typed “she.” Frau Liesel does all of my work for me. I love her.   If you look closely at the picture of the sandwich bread, you’ll see Frau Liesel’s best friend,  Sun-Hi the Grain Mill.  (Made by Nutrimill, manufactured in Korea :-))

You see, I pour about 12 cups of wheat berries into the mill, grind it into flour and then pour the flour, warm water, yeast, coconut oil, dough enhancer, salt, lemon juice and honey into the Bosch and let her do her work. In less than 10 minutes, I go from wheat berries to bread dough. I let that beautiful dough rest under plastic wrap, then shape it into rolls or loaves and let it rise again. Into a 325 oven it goes for 25 mintues or so and…fresh, healthy, homemade bread.

I love baking bread. It soothes me. I also love eating warm bread. We just had a slice with fig preserves on it.  Yum!  I prefer jam with seeds – raspberry topping my list.

What’s your favorite toast (or fresh, hot bread) topper?



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