The beach

I wonder…did God know how good it would feel to have sand under your feet and between your toes when He created the ocean and beach? I can’t get over how relaxing it is to me. How long could I sit in my little chair under my umbrella and watch the waves while listening to the hypnotic sound of waves crashing into one another?

I love our beach – South Padre Island – more than I ever thought I could.  My life is good…real good (Nacho Libre).  We spent several hours playing in the warm waves and soft sand today. My sister’s children and mine laughing and splashing and boogie-boarding. Ahhhh! The boys caught a horseshoe crab and we saw tons of fishies.  Some were sharks. I just know they were.

Thank you, God for this little island You made just for me.  I really, really like it.



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  1. Jenn Smith
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 23:15:36

    I’m so glad that you have found a little spot of Heaven meant just for you in the new “Jannaland”. My vote is that He did know how good the sand would feel and He gets that knowing grin on His face with the sparkle in His eye everytime He watches you enjoy it. Bliss for you and bliss for Him!


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