This is how we do it….

It’s Monday again, and I never did my lesson plans or my menu plans on Sunday. Lazy? Seriously. So far, we have accomplished the completion of math, Bible, history, science and literature today. I feel pretty good about that. Laundry is buzzing along (using my new fabric softener and craving coconut cake!) and I’ve cleaned one bathroom.

H woke up this morning and decided that he needed to wear his luchador mask all day. That’s right. The thing is, I have no reason why he shouldn’t wear it to do his work. I really can’t come up with any at all. I will say it was a bit weird to be reading Character Sketches while sitting next to Misterio, though.

School uniform

School uniform

I have been printing coupons at a rapid pace. I found one for 10.00 off any purchase at sears in the junior department. I have high hopes for this. You can print one, too at the sears website.  Tell me what you found.  I found more blogs/websites on shopping with coupons at Walmart. HEB is only in the southern half of our great state, so there just isn’t much about it online. I have been finding several deals about Walmart, though.

One post got me thinking about Black Friday already. I know, it’s only September and that is the day after Thanksgiving…but I love it. I really do. I think I love it so much because my Mom, sister and I go out and the crack of early, get coffee, giggle and eat brunch together while our husbands are at home pulling their hair out are watching all 7 boys. Hey, they go out for breakfast, too! I don’t think they have nearly as much fun as we do. Unfortunately, I won’t be playing those reindeer games this year. I will be here, by my lonesome. Maybe I will make my own new traditions. Anyone want to come? Anyone? Here’s what you should know, I make a spreadsheet, I go out early and I don’t stray from the list. I don’t like crowds so I am really hustling. I am usually completely done with the shopping by 9:30 am.  Last year, I found towel sets for supercheap and I ALWAYS find kids jeans and jammies at Walmart for around 5 bucks. Black Friday is also how I bought my chocolate fountain at a bargain price several years ago. Maybe this year, I’ll just invite girls over for a chocolate date instead!

This weekend, T was mowing our neighbor’s lawn and found a little something special:

hello, neighbor

hello, neighbor

In case, you are having trouble seeing exactly what that is, let me inform you….it’s a baby tarantula!!  Wowza! He was excited about the find as well as the moola he made. It was an all-around good day for him as he also received (dun dun dun) his football helmet and pads! Yahoo! He was thrilled. He looks adorable. Of course, I do not mention this to him in the same words. Strong, tough, huge…these are my words out loud. It is hard to see my baby this way sometimes. Big on the outside.

I think I have procrastinated long enough, gentle reader. So I shall work on those menu plans and lesson plans and do Latin with the guys. Oremus.



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  1. Kristy Noeninckx
    Sep 24, 2009 @ 17:15:08

    Love the mask. Clark was Optimus Prime yesterday and a Police Officer today. We were at the Dr.’s office both days and the nurses thought it was very funny.


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