So, my last blog post disappeared. I saw it, posted, now it is gone.  I won’t try to recreate it. Here’s the gist: I took a couple days off – really really busy. Not as busy anymore. Needed to watch a sad movie so I could cry. Found one.  Need irobot to send me a free Roomba so I can review it. Tile floors really getting to me. Sweep, sweep, sweep – complaining. Shouldn’t complain. Chastised. Still want a roomba. Put it on Christmas list.

Phew! There it was! Now for today. We have had a great weekend. T was supposed to have his first scrimmage game yesterday but the other team didn’t show. So, his team scrimmaged against themselves. T didn’t care because he got to tackle people. Happy boy.  I made a delicious pot of chili this weekend and some 5 grain bread to go with it so we ate that Friday night through Saturday. I just put beef stew in the crockpot for our dining pleasures today. Last night after dinner, I made Fannie Farmer’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. I had never tried that recipe until last night and it was GOOD!

I dream of meat department sales at grocery stores now.  I’m quite serious. What do you think that means in dream analysis? Last night, I had a dream that I was downtown, next to the border and found a Kroger. I was so happy, I couldn’t talk. If you know me at all, you know this would be an amazing feat! I think I might need some counseling.

We had some great weather last week, but I think it might be all gone. Back to humidity. It’s okay when you know it’s what you are going to get. It’s a kick in the pants when you look at the calendar, think it’s fall and then go outside.

I will be writing later on to post our menu plans for the week and such, but I wanted to write more about the hiatus post. It kind makes me mad. It was heartfelt. Some of my best writing, I am sure.



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