Wheelin’ and Dealin’

This afternoon, I headed out to Target with my youngest. It was a date. Really, I was just his ride to the Bionicle Section, but that’s okay by me.

Why Target?  Let me tell you. I was on the hunt for some deals and wowza, did I get some.  Let me tell you about it.

First stop-Mott’s apple juice. Buy 5 at a total price of $8.75 and get a $5.00 Target card. This was transaction #1.  Transaction #2 was two DVD’s – Stuart Little 2 and Muppets in Outer Space. I had coupons for $2.00 off each one. One was $4.75 and the other was $5.00. I also picked up a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sticker and coloring book for 85 cents. I used the $5.00 card and paid $2.14 for the second transaction.  I have started on my Christmas shopping for my youngest nephews!!  I’m so excited! The Mott’s was a great deal. I thought about doing it twice, but my sister talked me out of it while we were on the phone with each other. It would be a lot of juice, I guess. The Mott’s deal is going on this week – no coupons required.

Speaking of coupons, I bought the Sunday paper today at Stripe’s convenience store. It had three inserts and I was excited about that. I was not so excited about Stripes. Yuck.

If you are just starting on coupons, I would like to give you some options for organizing them.  I found that a three-ring binder with baseball card protector sleeves works great.  This was for when I was clipping multiple copies of the same coupons. (ie, I bought two or three papers just for the coupons) Now, I won’t be doing this as no one here doubles, so I am going to use my other system which is a binder that has big pockets in it. I do not clip coupons unless I know I am going to use them. I put them in date order for wasy lookup. I regularly visit blogs that tell me where the deals are. Thank you ever so much, other bloggers!  For instance, if I have a coupon for $1.00 off a Cadbury Caramello (speak to me…) and those were on sale at HEB, I would clip that coupon and place it in my HEB envelope. I have a HEB envelope and a WalMart Envelope. I guess I need to make some more envelopes now that I realized out Target has some groceries.  This method saves me a lot of time and work. I like that. I would also love to see a coupon on Cadbury Caramellos – LOVE those!

This week should be interesting. The Flylady zone is the kitchen. I have big plans for the walk-in pantry. I don’t know if you know this, but I have never in my married life had a walk-in pantry before. It is glorious. It is also messy because I never really organized it when we moved it. I was so overwhelmed, I just threw stuff in there and have been doing so ever since. UGH.

I will be posting my menu plans tomorrow. I need to work on lesson plans now and don’t feel like doing the menu plans tonight. We will have cereal in the morning. That’s all I know. 🙂

My man preached today. It was great. It was about what do when you are waiting for your breakthrough. He-llo….. For those of you who might like to hear it, it will be available on the church website after tomorrow,  I think.

Hope you are having a restful Sunday. It’s a good thing to do.



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