Fancy me

new "office"

So today I re-did my office area. I like to think of it as an open concept kinda thing because it is actually in the kitchen eating area. I’m just glad I’m no longer next door to the potty. Now, I can sit next to the laundry room door and if I’m really lucky, I’ll forget to close that door and be jarred back into reality by the AK-47 sound effects that come from my washing machine during the spin cycle. It’s really loud.  Notice the green filing cabinet. It’s special, I know. I was just telling Mr Darcy that I needed a filing cabinet as mine did not make it back to me after the move. He stated that we had this charmer – empty – and it could be mine. I needed it, so I took it, but I have GOT to paint it. Do you think spray paint for metal will work on that? I hope so.  Did you notice the pictures in the black frames? I have missed them. I couldn’t figure out where to put them until I made my new office space. I like them there. It’s good to reflect on your history.

Our Mexico lunch got postponed from this weekend, which is a bummer. I guess Mexico is going to still be available to us in a couple more weeks, right? You are supposed to be saying “Si, si ” at your house in reply.

I started re-reading Emma, by Jane Austen tonight. It is always a fun read. I wonder how many of you enjoy reading Jane Austen more – or watching the movie interpretation? I love the movies. I could watch Pride and Prejudice over and over again (and I have).

Tomorrow, I am adding something to the menu: Apple Brownies. They aren’t really brownies per se – more of a bar. Oh, they are tasty! They always make me think about fall. I’ll share the recipe with you tomorrow. (It’s downstairs and I’m feeling too lazybones to go down there and get it!)

Sleep tight!



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  1. Jenn Smith
    Oct 08, 2009 @ 23:32:14

    Let’s call the filing cabinet “nostalgia green” because it reminds me of the ones next to the typist’s desks in the 60’s…you know, like it should be on The Mary Tyler Moore Show or something. I like it, but I do think the metal paint will work. I also LOVE the photos…I love legacy, I love heritage, I LOVE that we have a “great cloud of witnesses”. As for Miss Austen, you know how much I adore her and all that she is. I prefer the movies at this stage in life because I can get lost for a couple of hours and then return to reality. I wish it were on now, or my DVD player worked…


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