I have lived here for 3+months now and I hate to admit this, but I just organized my pantry yesterday. Yeah, I know I said I was going to do it last week, but I didn’t. However, it is finished!! I am so happy. I also re-did the lower cabinets, which was good, too. All in all, I am pretty darned pleased with myself.

I am gearing up for my grocery shopping event this week. I am hoping to find some great deals on meat. I am getting tired of chicken. I think I might have clucked last night.

Now for some sad news. I bought 10 pounds of chicken because if you bought a bag (10 pounds) it would be $0.39 a pound.  Great deal, right? Less of a great deal when you find that the entire bag is one frozen mass of chicken and because it is leg quarters, you cannot get them apart unless they are all defrosted.  Blech.  Last night, I grilled some and I have the rest cooking in the oven. I am a little mad. It was still a good deal, though!

I read that Target had frozen chicken on sale for a great deal. I may swing over there this week and get some. You could use this with some of the deals going on at Target right now, or just by itself. It is boneless, skinless, by the way.

So, have you clicked on the expotv link on my blog yet? You are missing out, if you haven’t. I’m serious. I don’t know any other way to tell you that. I have my hands on my hips and I am shaking my head at you right now across cyberspace. Check it out.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to let you all know what I’m planning to buy for grocery day. It should be thrilling for you.

Until then….



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