Ordering my wheat!

Thrill of Wednesday…I just ordered wheat! Wahoo!  I found a reputable site to order from. The prices are great – the shipping is even better. Honeyville Grains is the name. The shipping is $4.49. Now, before you say, “so what” to that shipping price, let me tell you how much wheat I ordered…

50 pounds!!  Yep, that’s right. 50 pounds of wheat shipped for less than 5 bucks. I am looking forward to ordering more from them in the future, but wheat was a must-have right now. We are out. We are so out that I made (cringe now) white french bread. I know, you are scowling. I was too. But it is really, really tasty white bread! You see, the grocery store was OUT of wheat flour and only had white. I was in no mood to go traipsing around town looking for flour, I just wasn’t.  So I bought the white. Man, is Mr. Darcy happy.

I will take pictures and let you see what it looks like when I get it. Expect to be taken aback with the greatness of it all.  I checked for coupon codes, but there weren’t any. I did register to get some for the future, though.  If you are looking for specialty grains, or dehydrated products or crazy cool stuff like that. Go give them a lookie-loo.  I won’t get anything from them for sending you there. I just thought you should know. Now, if you are one of my readers from far away (and I know you are out there, lurking) you probably have access to Wheat Montana. That’s what I have been using for years. The shipping would double the price of my order down here. Not cool.

Are you wondering what I am going to do with 50 pounds of wheat when I get it?  Stay tuned. I have to run some errands, but I’ll fill you in later today. I was just so excited, and I had to share my good news!



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