Cough cough

Guess what’s making the rounds at our home? Coughing, fever and aches. So far, it’s only hit two of my crew, but I’m preparing for the worst.  What that means for me is that I took myself out on a date tonight – all by myself. I went to Lowes. It was so wonderful. I love Lowes so very much. I wandered around, opened all the gas ranges and dishwashers, and got paint chips. I also found seeds. Vegetable seeds! I bought three packets: lettuce, cucumber and beans. You see, we have the forever growing season down here from what I read. I am going to plant this weekend. 2 checkmarks in the happiness column.

Tomorrow, I plan on painting Carter’s room. I am hoping that everyone feels well enough for me to be able to do that. I love painting. I am hoping to have enough leftover to paint our little wc in our master bath. It needs it.

I didn’t get any great deals on my grocery trip. Fair deals, not great ones. I guess that’s the way it’s going to be down here. I did have something weird happen: After I loaded the groceries in the back of the van, I tried to shut the tailgate. Notice I said “tried.”  The door wouldn’t shut so I lifted it again and tried to see what was the matter. The bag with my produce had slipped down and I had sliced an apple in half with the tailgate!!! Wouldn’t you know it – it wasn’t one of the cheap gala apples, either. It was one of my $1.50 a pound Honeycrisp apples!!  I had to laugh. Then I cried just a little bit over the squished apple as I drove home.

Here’s hoping you and yours stay healthy….



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 20:39:34

    Hope everyone feels better soon! I think of you every time I buy a Honeycrisp apple. You told me about them. Yummy!


  2. Janna
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 19:55:46

    I am glad you are enjoying them. They are such a treat to me!


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