Field Trip

We loaded up this morning and took a field trip. We had the best time. Mr Darcy (the GPS Mr Darcy) took me to the wrong address at first, but it was just part of the adventure. We eventually arrived at the Palo Alto Historic Battlefield. It’s so close to our house, we could almost hear the cannons firing!  We learned so much more about Texas History and the boys got to laugh hysterically at their Mom who was a bit skittish on the walking trail with all the “Beware of the Rattlesnakes” signs. I mean, who wouldn’t be?  We’ll go back, for sure. Tommy was sad he missed it and we didn’t get to walk the whole trail because C is still recovering from the Big Sick.

Once home, I made the traditional Mexican/American lunch: Quesadillas and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Oh, and apple slices. It was bueno, if I do say so myself.  We were surprised by a package in the mail today from a dear friend which included candy bars.  Whoooo-weee!!  Also in the package, were some beautiful drapes which I hung this afternoon in the dining room. I know, I am pretty handy with the tools….

The new window treatments in the dining room

The new window treatments in the dining room

(Please ignore the lighting. It’s not my personal favorite, but it’s there.)  What a blessing. I’m thrilled. It really made my day.

Tomorrow, I will sanitize the nursery and Pre-K rooms at church and get the lessons ready. The boys just bring their schoolwork and do it in the classroom at the tiny tables. It works.  After that, it’s bake-a-thon Friday!!  I am going to try my hardest to get 6 loaves of bread, bagels, pancake mix and some muffins done. The muffins are last on the list, but I really am wanting some pumpkin muffins, so we’ll see what happens.  Maybe I can try some pita bread, too. That’d be fun and quick.  I have a recipe for copycat Kings Hawaiian Rolls I’d like to try with this wheat. I don’t know about you, but I could eat an entire package of those things from the store. Cold, even. I love them at Thanksgiving so I think I need to do a trial run, don’t you?

Isn’t it funny how sometimes food can trigger a memory of a person? When  I think of Kings Hawaiian Bread, I always think of my friend, Amy.  She was the first person to make spinach dip in a bread bowl. I’m telling you, this lady is waaaay better than Martha Stewart in the entertaining realm. She can do anything with such style and panache. I learned so much from watching her and being in her beautiful homes. I learned how to do casual elegance. As a new Mommy, I learned  how to be myself.  I am so grateful to have been able to have her as my friend. She is precious, brilliant, loving and goes after God like a lightning bolt. She cuts to the chase and you just can’t beat that in a relationship.

That’s about it for me, what are you baking lately?



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