Falling Back

I love my family. A little while ago, I took my oldest to the mall so he could do a bit of Christmas shopping. The Waldenbooks had Webkins for $3.75 each and he bought one for each of his brothers. I was so proud of him for thinking of his brothers and for getting his shopping done early. I would really like for each of my boys to learn that little trick. Listen, I love, love,  LOVE my man, but early shopping is not his thing. He also loves efficiency, so he’d like to find everything I want at Bed Bath and Beyond and just get it over with in one trip three days before Christmas. It’s just the way he rolls. He blesses me and gives to me extravagantly. The boys have a great model in him.

We had a wonderful time last night with friends. We all met at Sonic for dinner. They had 50 cent corn dogs. Then we went to the dollar movie to see G-Force. It wasn’t my favorite movie, but we had fun being together. The boys loved being with their friends, too. Today, we had a wonderful couple over for lunch. I love hearing other people’s stories. This couple BUILT THEIR OWN HOUSE!! I’m not talking about they picked out their carpet color and countertops. They built it. From scratch. How cool is that? They are their own HGTV program!  We had burgers on homemade buns, chips, salad, homemade croutons (I do love those) and my firstborn made brownies for dessert. Loved it. The guys watched football while the girls visited. Woo Hoo!

I re-read a wonderful book that I think everyone should read. I try to read it every year now. It is Stepping Heavenward, by Mrs. E. Prentiss. It is in the style of a diary. I always learn from reading this. I wish I could get it all in my head at once.   Serve others, to learn to love living in a different way, to truly give up your “rights” as a spouse, mother and daughter. Oh, so good! Try to find it. I keep saying I want to do this as a book club discussion. Someday, maybe I will.

I think I’ve almost convinced Mr Wonderful to drive his truck home for Christmas and rent a U-Haul to bring my piano back here. Of course, what I cannot tell him yet is all the other things I think I could fit in that U-Haul…:-)

I found a new favorite website: www.lynnskitchenadventures.com. I can’t stay away from it. I love to learn from others, don’t you?

Hoping to get to the zoo this week. Hoping the weather cooperates. Hoping to read more, hug more, say “I love you” more and be mad less.

Here’s hoping!



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  1. Lauren
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 20:05:01

    I will try to find that book. I love to hear about great, inspiring books, too.
    So glad you are doing well,


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