Riches I can bank on

I had a great night tonight! I met some sweet friends at Chick Fil A and then we went to the dollar movie to see The Time Travelers Wife. I laughed. I cried. The night was wonderful. I haven’t had a night out since I moved here. I told Tommy I was excited to have a girls’ night out that didn’t cost me $35.00. There are lots of great things about living here. 🙂 I loved getting to know these ladies better. I also loved having a Coke Zero all to myself. It’s the little things.

Today, I was able to have lovely long conversations with my Mom, my Mom in love, my sister and my good friend. I am so thankful for them all. As each week of my life passes, I am learning more and more what my Mom and my Mom in love have given to me. Their ability to love – time and time again. Their ability to listen to me laughing, whining, fearful and more is pretty remarkable. I know they tire of it, yet for some reason, they keep answering the phone when I call! Oh, how I love them. I am counting the weeks until I can just sit next to them and drink in the aroma of Mama love.

I don’t know if I have mentioned my great love for Skype, but I think you should know about it. I was desperate to see my sister today. The boys were at each other at every turn, I had a lingering headache and the closing on our old house wasn’t happening today. We each made a cup of coffee (with the same Coffeemate flavoring) and got to see each other. She was on the couch in her living room and I was at my desk. I got to see her face as our lives went on around us. It was just what I needed. I needed to see the expression in her eyes change ever so slightly as we talked – and I could tell what she was thinking without any words coming out of her mouth. Better than jewelry! Better than a new car! Better than hundreds of dollars in my wallet!

Tomorrow, I am taking the boys to the dentist. I think it will be the highlight of our week. I’d like to hear, “Look Mom, no cavities!”  We will be doing some school on the run as I am going to work up at the church before lunch, then on to the dentist after. School on the run always looks better on paper than it actually is. Carter is reading Stuart Little (he says it’s good), Hayden is in the middle of Treasure Island (he says it’s not great) and Taylor just started The Jungle Books (he says it’s okay, but no F 451). I am letting them choose the order of the required books for the year. I am only going to have Taylor read the first part of The Jungle Books. I think a feel for Rudyard Kipling is enough for an 11 year old at this point. I hope I’m right and not messing him up. I hope Hayden doesn’t declare mutiny before his novel is completed. That book is confusing to me!  I keep thinking that I should do more, but I don’t. Perhaps someday I will become SuperHomeschool Mom. For now, I’m just plugging along enjoying my sweet blessings and trying meditate on the many blessings I have.



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