sniffy sniff

My Mom left today.  She flew in on Friday and left today. I’m so thankful for the time together but I’m bummed she’s gone and we have to go back to normal life now.  I liked having my first (and second and third) cup of coffee with her. It tasted better, I think.

While she was here, we hopped over to Mexico and loaded up on drugs. Eventually, we’ll get better and figuring it all out, but for now we stick with Garcia’s – right across the border.  I feel like I need to tell you we bought legal drugs in Mexico…not the kind we needed to smuggle back across!! 🙂

In other news….Today is my sweetie pie’s birthday!  We celebrated last night with Mom, but I surprised him tonight with fajitas and layered ecstasy.  If you have never partaken (is that a word?) of that fabulous dessert, you are missing out! First, you bake a pecan shortbread crust. Then you mix powdered sugar and a block of cream cheese and spread that on the cooled shortbread crust. You will then mix a box of instant chocolate pudding up with some milk and spread that on You will follow that with a box of vanilla pudding mixed with milk.  The finale is a container of cool whip spread over the top. While this dessert is not a personal favorite of mine, Tommy (and my brother in law, Stephen) LOVE it.

Each day, we are enjoying our Christmas trees and decor  – knowing that each day brings us closer to seeing our family up north. We are imagining just how wonderful our reunions will be!  This long weekend with my Mom has left me with a taste of wonderfulness still lingering on my lips. I know it won’t be long until this sense of longing will be satisfied for a week and a half. Simply being with those we love and who love us the most in this world. Delicious!



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