bake o rama

I’ve been baking all day. Except for lunch, (which was tasty but brief) I have been standing in the kitchen doing my thing since breakfast. So far, I have made 3 loaves of sandwich bread, 1 loaf of cinnamon swirl bread, 1 pan of dinner rolls, 8 hamburger buns, 22 cheese calzones and I am about done with 12 bagels. I have a cake ready to go in the oven when the bagels are done.  I was going to make muffins, but I am too tired. Phew! It feels good to do it, though. 🙂

By the way, I am using a great new recipe for the bagels. You should try it. Really. They are beautiful!!

The boys and I will eat an early dinner and meet Mr Big Stuff at church tonight for a community outreach event. After that, all my guys will come home and I will stay on for choir practice. I am just hoping I can stay in an upright position this time! No falling on slippery floors!  I am ready ready to sing my heart out tonight. I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s ears in the process! Actually, I don’t even care if I do…I like singing that much!

Carter has been having a few breathing troubles the past couple of nights. We are praying it is just a weather-related thing. In any case, I am going to try and plug him into the pediatrician before we go on our trip and we’ll be bringing the nebulizer with us WITH THE CAR ADAPTER.  No more stopping at fast food joints to plug in with a bonus ER visit in San Antonio.  No thank you.

It’s still chilly here and I feel so happy about it. It’s my most favorite. I can’t explain how relaxed I feel with the skies are cloudy and the temperature drops. I was made for winter, I think.  My beautiful, wonderful mother in love told me the forecast called for SNOW on the 24th up in Fort Worth. I can only hope and dream this really happens. It would be like a special love note from God just for me!!

I had a wonderful, memory making moment with my Hayden Dooda today. I had my Ipod blasting Christmas tunes and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” came up. He came into the kitchen and we slow danced. He is getting so tall, I could almost rest my head on his shoulder. I’ll tell you a secret: I cried a little. It was such a beautiful moment with him. I hope he’ll always dance with his Mommy.

Hoping you are having a wonderful, happy Thursday wherever you might be….



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