Stirring conversation

This morning, I decided to read the Christmas story to the boys instead of our regular Bible/Character Building time. We read the Matthew version and the Luke version and then wound up discussing the Holy Spirit – which brought us to Acts. The boys were really thinking about it.  We also talked a lot about what is means to be betrothed. Not such a bad thing, I think.  I told the boys that now, people get engaged but some call it off before they get married. We discussed how that could be a good thing if someone decides they shouldn’t get married. Then we discussed the alternative: invite God into the process. Ask God to lead you to your future spouse.

You may think I’m crazy to be discussing marriage, betrothal and what Mary meant when she said she couldn’t be with child because she “did not know a man,”  but I don’t think it’s crazy at all. It brought depth to the Christmas story reading and deepens the relationship I have with my boys. Do you think the subject matter isn’t thrust into our lives just about wherever we turn? Commercials for Gap clothing have young girls dancing around suggestively. Jack in the Box commercials are horrible. Even “kid” movies have innuendos that are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

I feel that as a mother of boys, I have to be especially on guard at what is aimed directly at my sons. I want them to grow up to be the leaders of their families (if they get married, which I pray they do), and leaders of their communities.  Will they be ministers, like Dad? Will they find the cure for diabetes or colon cancer? Will they build or repair things with their hands? Will they be compassionate to others? Will they hold fast to the truth and be what God wants them to be? I hope so. I pray daily they will.



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  1. Jamie
    Dec 17, 2009 @ 17:52:20

    OK, that is wonderful! I love that you could discuss this subject in such a context. Fantastic!


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