time keeps on slipping

Greetings from my vacation!  There’s been a lapse in posts as we have been enjoying every minute of our quickly-evaporating time with our families.

Our first day was exciting as it snowed all day. Not just that, but it stuck. The boys played and played with cousins until it was time to open presents. I was able to sit on the same couch as my sister…without 9 hours between us and a telephone to hear her voice.  I could hear my Mom laughing and listen to my youngest nephew exclaim, “You got a TOY!” about each and every present we all opened.We had a glorious time. After we went to bed, the weather didn’t change too much and we awoke to an icy winter wonderland. This would not have been a bad thing, except for the fact we needed to drive to Tommy’s folks’ house. What should have taken us 25-30 minutes took us an hour and we were grateful to have arrived in one piece. For a moment, that might not have been the way it worked out. We arrived, however and were greeted by all of the Briggs side of the family. Tears started flowing as soon as we got there. It seems as if -in that split second when you see someone who you have been absent from – your heart leaps and explodes, and you realize fully just how much you have missed the nearness of them.  Oh! How we love our families!

We have not had nearly enough time to do all we wished, but I am so thankful for the moments we have had. It has been hard, but good for me. I know I will feel bereft as we drive away, but I am determined to enjoy what we have.

I took myself to Kroger. Just because. It was quiet, the aisles were wide and lovely. I had a grand time in the meat department. I smiled the entire time. It was not HEB. It was the best field trip I have been on in a while.

It snowed again today. It really snowed, too. Don’t you remember how I warned all of you in DFW that I was praying for huge snow? I guess He heard me and said “sure, why not?!”  I got to drive in it. I made Tate take pictures. He obliged. I knew I would not have that opportunity in a long time. Heck, even if we had not moved, I probably wouldn’t have that opportunity much. DFW is not really known as the snow capital of the south.

I am going to end with this: Do you have family nearby? The next time you are near them, soak it in. Resolve to remember just how it feels to be sitting with them on the couch, your feet touching as you shift and get comfortable. Etch the picture in your mind how he or she looks when they take a sip from their coffee cup and sighs. Hug a little longer. Look for the details. Savor.

That’s what I’m doing.



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