He gives and takes away

Man, oh man – this has been a week. I am so very glad it’s Friday.

So, I had to do something that I knew would not turn out well. But I did it anyway. And it did not turn out well. In fact, it turned out worse than I thought. That was a bit uncool. Have I ever mentioned how much I don’t like it when someone is mad at me?

Anyhow – I told Mr Darcy what I felt I had to do, he told me to pray and sleep on it. I did. The next morning, I told God “I really need to know this is what you are asking me to do – and not just an emotional response.”  I opened my Bible and there it was – in black and white- it was the answer I was looking for (and somewhat hoping not to see.)  So I did it.  I did it.  It didn’t turn out well.  It’s okay. I am okay.

In November, we closed on our old house. We were so thankful to have sold it in this market. Please re-read the part where I said NOVEMBER.  When we closed, we unexpectedly had to fork over the upcoming years’ taxes. The magical mysterious calendar date had rolled over for us just in time (she says sarcastically). Today, we were told that the money will be overnighted to us on Monday.  I almost wet my pants. I went outside after the phone call and let the light breeze move my hair into my eyes and I looked upwards and shouted “Thank YOU!”

The question I have asked myself all day is this: why did I choose to quit hoping for the best? I quit believing. I quit trusting.

That’s it for tonight. I am going to retire for the evening and relax with a book.  My life is beautiful.



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