total surrender

I have been thinking about this phrase: total surrender.  I sing about it, I have uttered it in prayers…but do I really have any concept of what that means? Completely surrendering my flesh to the God who created me? Dying over and over again inside when it’s not going my my way? Will I ever be able to know total surrender? I don’t know. This life is spent in acts of partial surrender, I think. Can I truly love someone more than myself? I can try. But why does servanthood make me just think about me and what I am doing for someone else?

I have been pondering other, less selfless things this morning as we start our week once again.  Like – what is on our menu this week? 🙂 What should I put on the grocery list?  I did better at that exercise than my first one and here is what I’ve got:

Monday: Leftover cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing,/Sonic (coupons) / Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken and rice.  Daddy Bear has a stomach thingie so we are going to make some Jello for him, as well.

Tuesday: Granola (I made it today!) with yogurt/ leftovers/ tortellosti (corny,  but the Lost premiere is on!)

Wednesday: Muffins/mac and cheese/ grilled bbq ribs

Thursday: Granola/Pizza (free coupons for reading)/Spaghetti (too many tomato products?)

Friday: Eggs and toast/Grilled Cheese/Kids’ Choice Dinner (Dad will be at a Men’s BBQ)

Saturday: Dad makes b-fast (Mom has b-fast out!)/Chicken legs on the grill/Chili

Sunday: Granola, Company lunch – lasagne, and  taco stack-ups for dinner



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