overnight delight

Sunday afternoon brought me a gift: My Mom, sister and 4 precious nephews drove in!  We had much hugging and kissing and then got down to business. The boys ran and played (well, Hayden watched – as he was recovering from the dreaded Mohave) and the girls sat on the couch and talked and talked while we drank coffee. It was perfect.

I had prepared taco stack-up for a late lunch and made 2 lasagnes for dinner. We also tried a new recipe which I highly recommend. I got it from the PioneerWoman website. I made her Rosemary Dinner Rolls. Because I was making so many, I did not make them in a cast-iron skillet but instead used my cinnamon roll pan. They were delicious. I don’t know how they could have been bad though, as they had a stick of melted butter poured over them at various times during the baking process! Just to clarify, I served those with the lasagne not the  Taco stack-ups. Don’t want to confuse you there.

The girlies stayed up late (or early, depending on how you look at it). We didn’t head upstairs until after 2 am. It was worth it. They had to leave right after breakfast. I had baked some blueberry muffins the night before and had them in a container for the boys. I was glad I did that so I could spend more time with Mom and Erin. And kissing my nephews. Thankfully, two of them don’t mind the nonstop kissing. The older two are getting too cool for that.

So today, it feels like their visit was just a dream…but it was a very sweet dream!

We have a busy week…tomorrow we have a lifegroup at our home. I will prepare something yummy for snacking. Any suggestions? I am thinking one sweet thing and one savory thing. On Thursday, I am hosting a game night at the house. If you live in Bville, I hope you can come! We have a workday planned for Saturday morning and of course – Sunday – Valentine’s Day.

We made paper heart lovenotes to each other and taped them to the door opening in the dining room. They make my heart melt a little bit each time I walk past them! I planned ahead and have chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer for a giant heart-shaped cookie for my sweetie on VDay. He has an unnatural love for them. It’s just not right. He can’t resist them at the mall. That makes me smile.

In crafty news, I am finished with the powder bathroom downstairs. I got inspired. It is themed. London. I hung some beautiful pictures we took on our trip many years ago as well as two parts to an antique map. I have a Burberry plaid basket to contain extra tp and spray (is it okay to talk about these things?) The only thing left is the “perfect” brown rug for the floor. So far, that has been difficult to find. The elusive brown bathroom rug…  Because I think you should picture it in your mind even while you are sitting at your house – here are the pictures to prove it:

London Calling

Changed the mirror - this one is wrapped in brown leather. Me likey.

I also got crafty when the whole house (except me was throwing up) Doesn’t everyone grab their glue gun when they are dodging throw-up? I needed a pen holder for my JannaNook (you remember, it’s my desk next to the powder room) so I made one. I save my jelly jars, spaghetti jars, etc because THEY DO NOT RECYCLE here at the new dwelling land. I can’t bear the idea of trashing them and it came in handy last week. I took a jam jar, wrapped it in black and white toile. Hot glued that down. Wrapped feather trim around the top. Hot glued that down. Burned finger on glue gun. Wrapped black and white ribbon trim around top and bottom and hot glued that down. I love it. It is waaaay over the top with the feathers, but sometimes the lone girl needs that kind of stuff. I spray painted the burn-your-eyes green filing cabinet I had. I love it. I bought some fabric to make a slipcover for my chair but haven’t done that yet. I guess I need someone else to get sick around here!  Here’s the pictures to prove I’m not just making this stuff up:

Black is the new black for me. Lookie there - it's my laptop as I am writing this very entry. How fun is that?

I might need pink scissors, what do you think? Try and ignore the giant stack of "to file" behind this cutie-pie pen holder. Can you see the toile just peeking out from the bottom? I know, it's cute.

Well, that’s that. I am horrified by the cords in the picture of my desk. But the chair usually covers them up. Really.

I also can’t figure out why I can’t see the third picture of the bathroom. I have tried three times to stick it in this post. I guess you’ll have to come and see it for yourself! 🙂

Mr Darcy is calling from the upstairs that I had better finish up typing because Lost is about to come on. It is the one show we watch. Passionately. So don’t tell me why we shouldn’t watch it. Because we love it and don’t want to hear it.



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