Why British Accents are Cool

I am pondering some deep, deep stuff down here. Stuff like: why did my Mom only serve Bell Peppers when they were made into stuffed bell peppers? Why did I ever think pantyhose were cool? Why do we think British accents are way cooler than ours? And why doesn’t the Post Office have a drive through?

This is a small window into my mind on a weekend. I try and allow myself to toss aside the structure and lists of the week and dream and ponder. Tommy and I spent over an hour looking at the train schedules in Italy. Italy is #1 on the dream vacation list. I sure wish those plane tickets were cheaper – yikes! I like to turn off the phone and wear my slippers all day. If I can wear slouchy clothes – all the better.

We are planning a road trip up north. I am already envisioning the minivan-minus one seat for a changearoo. I just can’t stop thinking about how spacious and roomy it will seem. Everytime I mention this to Mr Darcy, he snorts with laughter and rolls his eyes. Sometimes, he’s just no fun. I am going to remove one of the middle seats. If I’m feeling really nice, I’ll take out the one behind the passenger seat so “he” can recline while he travels. I’m nice like that.

Here’s hoping this upcoming week is filled with laughter, fun and plenty of British accents thrown in…



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