It’s foggy down here in the Valley. Really foggy.  On the news this morning, they showed a live cam from the Island and the picture was just a screen of grey/blue nothingness.  Funny how that’s how I feel sometimes. Foggy. So foggy that even when I self-examine, all I see is grey/blue, undescribable, nondescript blah.

So what can I do when my picture, my outlook, my forecast says “foggy”?


When I start looking at my situation with a new lens, I am able to focus better, perhaps with no scratches. Maybe I can see with a wider angle or focus on just what’s important and blur the excess. I can see details.

When I get a new camera, I get to play around with the settings – I might even change the way I am used to doing things. I find that what used to work for me no longer does. I exclaim over the way the colors are seemingly different with my new camera. I revel over the way I can capture expressions with ease after I learn how to use it.

When I change my perspective, I see things I never knew were in my horizon. I notice how small some things are -even though I had previously thought them large and opposing. I meet new things, new faces from this vantage point. I can see what is behind me and a glimpse of what is to come sometimes. The change is good. I no longer want what is in my Lilliputian land. What seemed out of my reach is closer. I like this new perspective.

I’m swapping out some equipment; moving myself.  How about you?



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