Menu Plan Monday

Let me begin by saying that Mr Wonderful and I are on a DIET. Ugh. We overindulged whilst on our trip and need to get back to business in our eating. We enjoyed those road trip food items waaaaay too much. Can anyone say “Kolaches?”  So, you may notice some strangeness to the menu. We are doing the phase one of South Beach. Don’t tell me why it’s not good for you. It works for my man. He liketh the meats. He lost 19 pounds the last time we did the two week thing. Don’t ask how I did. It wasn’t 19 pounds, that’s for sure. It was a good jumpstart back into food reality. Also, don’t give me any grief about the Organic Pop Tarts. My sweet Mommy bought those for the guys last week and sent home two giant boxes of them. We are going to use them and pretend they are healthy, okay?  So here goes:


Breakfast- J:Mock Danish T: HB (Hard Boiled) Egg, cheese sticks, nuts  B(boys): Organic Pop Tarts

Lunch- J: Roll Ups, T: Staff lunch, B: Chinese Soup, Applesauce

Dinner- Pepper-crusted beef, steamed veggies, ice cream


Breakfast- J: Omelette, T: HB Egg, chz, B: Eggs and Toast

Lunch- J: Tuna Salad, T: Rollups, B: Rollups

Dinner-Chicken with Feta and Bacon, Salad


Breakfast- J: Cottage Cheese, T: HB Egg, Chz Stick, B: Pop Tarts

Lunch-J&T: Grilled Chicken Salad, B: Sandwiches

Dinner- Grilled Salmon, Veggies


Breakfast- J:Mock Danish, T: HB Egg, Chz, B: Breakfast Cookies

Lunch- J&T: Rollups, B: Grilled Cheese, Applesauce

Dinner- Spaghetti , salad


Breakfast- Breakfast tacos (T and I will not eat the tortillas)

Lunch- J&T: Taco Salad, B: Meat and Cheese Burritos

Dinner- Barbeque Chicken, carrot sticks, Steamed Broccoli


Breakfast- J&T Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, B: Pancakes

Lunch- Grilled Hot Dogs

Dinner- Beef Rouladen (Recipe at the end of this post), Salad, Steamed Veggies


Breakfast- J&T Egg and Sausage Stackup (trying to pretend we don’t miss the biscuit part) B: Muffins

Lunch- Chicken Enchilada Bake (I am trying to use the Heavenly Homemakers recipe but use chicken instead of the beef-I’ll let you know how that goes)

Dinner- Leftovers…also known as serve-yourself-Sunday.

Gosh, I’m already sick of the eggs just from typing that 497 times. Yuck. It’s a good thing I hate breakfast. By the way, anytime you see sausage next to my name – don’t be thinking I am eating it. I hate sausage. Yuckola.

That’s all for today… anyone have any great south beach recipes they want to share?


*Recipe for Rouladen*

Rump roast, have butcher slice 1/8″ thick, against the grain *
Salt and pepper
Bacon, raw, 1 piece per slice of meat
Small onion, minced, 2 1/2 ounces
Dijon mustard, optional

Spread each slice of beef with a little mustard, if using; season with salt & pepper. Top each with 1 slice bacon. Sprinkle with a little of the onion. Roll each up to form a meat roll. Secure with toothpicks or string (my Grandma often uses thread). Brown these well on all sides in a skillet, then place in a roasting pan. Cover pan and roast at 350º, just until you can smell them cooking; turn heat down to 300º. Roast 2 hours, turning them once to brown evenly. Usually the pan is then de-glazed with hot water and gravy is made from it, but I just serve it with the pan juices. Be sure to remove the toothpicks, string or thread before serving.

Number of servings will depend on amount of meat
Can be frozen


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