I love the quietness of Sunday afternoons at our house. Everyone is home, but there’s no schedule. It’s so peaceful.

This week was great. Mr Wonderful made it back from Mexico without a single scratch – although they did have a very scary moment as they drove up to a scene from the worst “Gangs and Cartels in Mexico” documentary you can imagine. Bullet holes in cars, blood on open doors, federal agents with automatic weapons and faces covered.  I am thankful the guys are all home, safe and sound.

Thursday was my 40th birthday. That’s right, I’m 40 now. I had a great birthday! I can’t even begin to describe how much joy I experienced. Ladies from our church called me in the morning and sang to me. It was a beautiful traditional song in Spanish. I cried at the loveliness of it all. My man surprised me BIG TIME with my gift and we had the best time in the “big city” of McAllen (about an hour away) for dinner and even a bit of shopping for Mommy. The things they do for love, right? Friday night, a group of ladies helped me celebrate my birthday when we all went out to dinner together and most went out for coffee later. I didn’t get home until midnight. How’s that for being an old lady? Lots of laughing. My favorite.

Saturday was my Mom’s birthday. It was hard for me to be away from her on her birthday. I missed her so much. It was almost harder to know that my sister was on her way over to celebrate and I was not going to be there.  I am so thankful for all she has done for me. There were so many years when I made it hard to love me – but she still did.  She is a wonderful woman and a fun Grandma to boot. We love you, Mom.

The guys are outside right now, preparing for what is going to be a disaster.  Airsoft guns. In fact, an airsoft gun war. It’s not going to end well. Tommy just asked me if I thought it was going to hurt when he got shot by the boys.  I don’t have to understand it  – this need that boys have to be this way. I am just thankful that Tommy is willing to take one for the team today.  I’ll let you know if anyone winds up in the hospital. {in this short amount of time that I was typing, we have already had one crying after being shot in the nose...}

I am about to jump of the couch and start getting the dining room ready for a luncheon I am hosting tomorrow. I am really excited. I am serving chicken pockets and caesar salad with homemade croutons.  One of the other pastor’s wives is making dessert. I know it will be delicious!  I bought (gasp) lemonade and really had to search to find one that didn’t have all sorts of gross stuff in it. I know, I should have made my own. But I just knew I wouldn’t want to be messing with that on the morning of the luncheon. It will be hard enough to keep the boys out of the dining room. 🙂  Next time, homemade lemonade, definitely.



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