baking day

After an action-packed Monday, (really the whole weekend was full) I looked in the freezers and found them lacking. No bread. No muffins and the boys ate the rest of the breakfast cookies this morning. I knew it would be big batch baking day. We finished most of school (the boys finished it all up while I was mixing bread) and I got started.

I ground two batches of wheat today. I wish I could tell you how much flour that is – but it’s a lot. I made 4 batches of sandwich bread, 8 hamburger buns and a dozen hot dog buns. After shaping these, I got started on mixing pizza dough. I doubled my favorite recipe and put three portions in the fridge (it works and tastes better if it gets this special time in there, for some reason I cannot remember). I took the last portion and made up breakfast pizzas. It made 18. I made 9 small pizza crusts and baked them at 500 degrees. I wish I knew how to make the degree symbol, but I just don’t. I split these in half. I probably won’t do that again – it was a pain. I made up a big pan of scrambled eggs and cooked up a tube of turkey sausage. I mixed those two and sprinkled it on the crusts. Taylor grated cheddar cheese in my Bosch and sprinkled that on top. I flash froze these and laster place them carefully in freezer bags. I don’t know how they will taste, but I figured if Jimmy Dean would make breakfast item that were frozen and contained scrambled eggs, so could I. Of course, Jimmy Dean probably uses all sorts of extra yucky things like preservatives and such, so who knows how this will wind up.  I’ll let you know.

I tried the Heavenly Homemakers new recipe for chocolate, chocolate chunk muffins. Haven’t tasted these either. Her recipe said it made 9. I made it go into 12. I shouldn’t have. They look more like brownies in muffin papers. The batter tasted yummy, so I am hoping that they will taste good even though they are puny. Again, I’ll let you know.

I had tortillas on my baking list, but I ran out of time today. I wasted (well, not really) a good hour moving furniture around in my breakfast area. I moved my desk. I am no longer next to the bathroom. That is a good thing. A really good thing.  I hung my giant fork that I got for my birthday. I wish I could explain the joy I feel when I see it.

The giant fork

Is there an item (non-human) at your house that makes you smile when you walk past it?



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  1. Jenn
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 00:07:19

    My smile-thing is Raylen’s Cinderella castle on her little table in the living room. It’s away from all the other toys and in a perfect spot for her to play for hours or do a dash and go dance with the Prince. It reminds me of our vacation of dreams and also how blessed I am to have a girly-girl with a huge imagination. If we had nothing else in our living room but that, I would be a happy gal. 🙂


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