What am I connected to? I can readily list several things: right now I’m connected to my laptop, connected to my music on my playlist, connected to this cup of coffee that isn’t quite doing the job of waking me up.

So, after these temporary connections – what or who am I connected to? For sure, I am connected to my guys here at home. I am connected to our beautiful family although we live far away from them. I am connected to good friends via the internet and telephone and get-togethers.

I am going to have to be honest with you…without being connected to the One who created me-who created all life-is like being connected with faulty wiring. Two weeks ago, my oldest and I changed the light fixture in the dining room. I talked him through red to red and black to black and ground to ground. If I connect the black with the red, I might get power for a moment, but then sparks and a disconnect. You have to connect to the right wire or the current can’t go through correctly. You also have to connect all the wires or it won’t work. It’s hard to enjoy the beauty of the room when you are standing in the dark.

Am I wired in to the right things? Do I have a good connection to the things that really matter? I am really pondering what I am connected to right now. What I NEED to be connected to versus the fixture I have hanging in my life right now. I think it’s time for a change in some areas.  We have to make the effort to connect with others who will build us up and who we can build up. Symbiotic kinda stuff. It’s all that matters. The connections we have with one another.  If we refuse to connect with one another it’s the same as the gorgeous chandelier in the room that won’t turn on when you flip on the switch. It’s useless.  It’s just a space-filler. I don’t want to be a space-filler.

I’m going to take it a step farther and  suggest that we take the effort to connect with someone this week that we haven’t connected with. Not just a “hey, how are ya doin’?”  A real connection. Ask them what’s going on. Bake them some cookies or a loaf of your Mom’s famous poppyseed bread.  Bring them a cup of Starbucks Dark Chocolate Cherry Mocha (get one for yourself-you’ll thank me later.) And here’s part of the deal – be real. Don’t get all gussied up. Show them you mean business. This is not merely a social call. Touch. Hug. Cry and laugh. Pray.  You need it. They need it. You need it.

While we’re at it – get connected with the main switchbox. You know what I’m talking about. Get real with the God who created you, who loves you, who saves your tears and dances around you because of His great love for you.  Same rules apply. Don’t get all gussied up. Don’t use the fancy words. Just talk to Him. Sing to Him. Thank Him. Love Him. He just wants to talk to you. Listen. Cry and laugh. Connect.  I guarantee you’ll see things in a whole new light.



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