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So today I decided to shake it up a bit and wear an outfit I thought was “young” and “funky.” It was a short black dress which is gathered at the top, then has a swiss dot kinda thing going on at the bottom. I usually wear it as my coverup to the beach because I can go into a restaurant or store with it on if we need to on the way home. Today, I wore it as a top with grey leggings and greyish-silver flipflops. I accesorized with a black and bright blue necklace and blue bracelets. Silver hoop earrings finished the ensemble. We went out to the library, the home of a friend and the Goodwill (you know, just to see what’s there).  The whole time I was smiling to myself because here I was, at 40, dressing so cute and hip, just like a young award-winning musician we know. Guess what?  I got home, looked in the mirror and realized that the image in the mirror was no where near as cutie-pie as I had thought. I looked like a 40 year old woman wearing her beach coverup and flip flops. What was I thinking? And why did I need to feel like I looked young?  I will be pondering this for the rest of the evening as I read my new book – My Life in France, by Julia Child.

In honor of the book, the boys and I made crepes for dessert tonight. It was a great success. I had Nutella in the pantry and whipped cream in the fridge. The Mr and I were able to remember when we had a crepe while on a small street right next to Notre Dame in Paris. We repeated the experience in Epcot (DisneyWorld) and at Paris in Las Vegas. Smiles abounded as my guys licked Nutella off their lips. I was thankful for my crepe maker tonight.

I have made no menu plan for the week – I felt like winging it. This has resulted in some strange offerings. I am already working on the next week, though. I just needed the break, I think.  I will be going out of town next Friday so I am working on some meals that will be easy for the guys to put together in my absence. I will be going out of town the following weekend as well.

In sad news, our trampoline is slowly meeting its’ demise.  This morning, while our oldest was bouncing away before breakfast, a spring shot off the trampoline and flew across the yard. I’m not going to say this out loud, but I wonder if this has happened because “somebody” decided she could get a great cardio workout if she would jump high and mighty for 30 minutes a day for the last two days? Some fabric has ripped, I am told. I have not gone out to look for two reasons: 1) the flesh-eating mosquitoes are waiting to ambush me whenever I emerge from the house and my legs now look I have the chicken pox or have become a leper and 2) I am afraid to see how bad the trampoline really is. I can’t bear it if we can’t use it anymore. I already warned Mr Wonderful we would have to immediately march ourselves to the nearest sporting goods store to buy a replacement when the bouncing nirvana can bounce no more. It is the source of my sanity. It is heaven-sent. It is vital. The boys bounce on it all day long. I really mean all day long. Often, our middle guy does his math out there. (Kinesthetic learner, anyone?) Plus, it really is a great cardio workout – I can’t breathe after 10 minutes. It feels like I am running a marathon in 20 below weather. Uphill. Pray for us – I needs that trampoline, people. I needs it.


PS. Here’s the link to those crepes, in case you are interested. I didn’t use berries. Mr Wonderful doesn’t like ’em.


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  1. Jenn
    Apr 29, 2010 @ 21:43:47

    I have to say that you doing cardio is NOT the reason for it’s sudden demise. We have a petite version that is 2 ft. off the ground and caged in and I often visit it for cardio myself. Although I know the material is very nearly meeting the grass below, I tell myself that I am light as a feather and as cute as a high school cheerleader while I’m on it. I say, continue your jumping, my friend. The trampoline can handle it. Love you!


  2. Christina
    Apr 29, 2010 @ 22:43:54

    oh my gosh I laughed out loud several times! You DID look cute today. I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true… now if you had been wearing converse I might have thought award winning musician but instead I just thought you looked summery and fun.
    Hope your trampoline is ok!!


    • Janna
      Apr 30, 2010 @ 08:32:49

      Christina – this is the truth – I thought about borrowing Hayden’s Converse….but I chickened out. Oh dear.


  3. Karen
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 07:24:44

    Goodness! I’m sure you looked cute in that outfit. Wish I could have seen it. I think we are in the prime of our lives. 40 is great!


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