Swirling Whirling

Last weekend I went to a ladies’ conference in Laredo, Texas. This was a four-hour drive in a SUV filled to the brim with women-some of them strangers to me. We had a great time during the ride as well as during the weekend.

When I returned home, Mr Wonderful and the mini-wonders met me at our church to take me home.  We arrived home approximately 8 minutes later and Mr Wonderful asked me, “Do you want to hear about the weekend, or do you want the bad news?”  What kind of question is that?  Since the house was still standing and none of the boys has a broken leg or stitches, I politely inquired about the bad news while holding my breath.

“Our landlord called right before we came to get you. We have to move by the end of the month because she is losing the house.” Mr Wonderful looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes filled with questioning as he told me this. How would I react? What could I say? I think I replied with something close to, “You have GOT to be kidding!”

My first paragraph told you where I had been and what I had been doing, but I don’t know if you read between the lines of ladies’ conference: this means virtually no sleep. Seriously. I think I got in a full 3.5 hours. We stayed up late. We double-slept in double beds. Alarms went off at the wrong times. And am I the only one who gets super paranoid that her alarm won’t work when she really, really needs it to? I was also super paranoid about snoring. Not anyone else’s – mine. So far, I am pretty sure I’m not a serious offender unless I am 1) pregnant or 2)sick. Mr Wonderful gently (ha) informs me that this might not always be the case, so I worry when I do these kinds of trips. I was also paranoid that I would awake to find myself wrapped around the other lady in the bed with me – forgetting I was not at home with my hubby in our supersized bed. I DID NOT GET MY BEAUTY REST PEOPLE. This is what I am saying.

Meanwhile, back at the house that isn’t ours and is about to really not be ours….I took in the information, rolled over and fell asleep in my big bed, not worrying if I snored or cuddled or if the alarm ever went off again. I am pretty sure this was not the response he was looking for, but it was all I had to give. When we woke up Sunday morning, it was all hands on deck to get ready for church.  We didn’t have a chance to discuss the house until Sunday night after dinner. This is when we discussed our options. We came to the consensus that those options were:  a) move or   b) move.

Folks, I should mention that the rental market is not too great down here. It’s hard to find a rental house in a safe location that has the space we need at the price we need. We have been renting and want to continue to rent for a while for several reasons; the most important being we don’t really know where we want to live (neighborhoods, neighboring towns, etc) and haven’t taken the time to explore our city in that way. Mr Wonderful doesn’t like to be rushed. 🙂

My head is swirling. My thoughts are whirling.  When I think about all the possibilities that might be headed our way. I can’t even dwell on them. It’s too much. But it all boils down to: do I trust that it’s all going to work out? The answer is yes. Yes, I believe we’ll find a place to live. Yes, I believe we can survive moving twice in one year. Yes, I can believe we’ll see our deposit money again. Yes, we can find a house with a great yard and the rooms we think we need. Yes, we are still on the right path-headed the right direction-following the instructions we have been given. Yes, I will trust. Yes, I will believe. Yes.

I’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Jenn
    May 19, 2010 @ 10:30:34

    Lord Jesus,

    Like Janna, I’m trusting You to do all the things that she listed. But right now, I’m asking You to fill her with hope. Replace the hollow, detached feeling of not knowing where your home is going to be with a solid, deep down assurance and rest. Make the Truth that YOU are home, that her Four Wonderfuls are home, more than cute and comforting sayings in her head-make them Real today. Surround her with the Hope that only comes from the true peace You can give. Your love for her is infinite, wild and strong. Jesus, I am asking You to make that love tangible today-something she can see, taste and feel. You are good, You are faithful. We trust You this day and every day.
    In Your precious and Holy Name I pray….


  2. christina
    May 19, 2010 @ 22:20:49

    Oh Janna, I love your humor despite the fact that you are not in fun position right now. Your options a) move or b) move … 🙂
    One day at a time… and before you know it this will be behind you…Joy comes in the morning!!!! Come fast morning!!!


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