It’s Tuesday and I like it

Good morning from the subtropics!  We had a beautiful little lightning show last night as we drifted off to sleep. It’s my favorite lullaby. It was overcast this morning and that’s the best way to wake up, in my opinion.

The boys were up and at ’em with the roosters. Carter has a friend over. I am so thankful for sweet friends for my boys. Hayden took out two pie pans of cinnamon rolls from the freezer last night and he popped them in the oven this morning for breakfast. These boys are so cute with cinnamon sugar syrup dripping down their chins.

Yesterday, I finished operation organize boys’ rooms. Carter was first. His is the hardest. That boy likes to collect everything and anything. The good thing is that he is fine with throwing things away or giving them away. Hayden was second. He is my artist. I really believe he doesn’t even see the mess. He just sees possibility. Those scraps of paper are waiting to be used for an art project or to design new creatures on. Pens and pencils (I found 15 of my missing pens, the stapler and the real Scotch tape), clay, paint, glue and books were tucked into every drawer or crevice.  It’s done now. Taylor keeps his room pretty tidy and just redid his closets two weeks ago so he missed out on this round.  He was rewarded with three new t-shirts for camp. Do you write his name on the tag when he goes to Youth Camp? These are things I don’t know.

As we were cleaning, I was thinking how easy packing will be since all the room weeding will be done. We can just open the boxes and lovingly place the objects in. Do you like that….lovingly?? 🙂

So you might be asking yourself now, packing? Does this mean they know where they are moving to? Nope. We don’t. But I want to be ready. I am sorta kinda thinking about starting on my dining room. Sorta. Kinda. I have a lot of china and glassware. It’s a pain to wrap up. When we moved here, my Mommy wrapped it all for me and lovingly placed it in the boxes. She really did it lovingly. I wonder if I can convince her to drive down here to pack up my dining room?

This week, I am going to a health-food co-op meeting in the nearby bigger city. Meeting new people, talking about wheat and homemade laundry detergent. My kind of fun. I have game night at church on Friday for the Ladies and a get-together on Saturday. I like get-togethers. I like community. I like people. I really do.

That’s about it for today. I have no menu plan posted. I have one on the fridge but I don’t feel like typing it. Maybe after I have a cup of tea I will. You’ll be okay, I promise.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. elaine
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 09:51:24

    We are getting new flooring in our bedroom and bath and I am cleaning, sorting, and trying to throw stuff away. It is hard for me.
    You are moving? Just to a new house, not a new job?


    • Janna
      Jun 24, 2010 @ 13:27:03

      Elaine, not a new job – just housing. The home we have been renting has been foreclosed on so we are waiting to see what this means for us. One week, we hear that we have to move, the next, we can stay. We should know something “for sure” by next week….we think! 🙂 I like the sorting and throwing away. Tommy and I call it a “purge-a-thon”. We both like it.


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