Today is the day we go out to the store in a mad dash to find dress pants that can button around the waist of growing boys. Pants that don’t look like the tide is coming in and you are first one ready.  Pants that don’t have stains where something obviously quite greasy kerplopped on them.

Today is the day we run out and try to find dress shoes for the middle son who has feet longer than his Mama. Feet that no longer fit into the classy Cole Haan’s I found for a steal last year. He cried when he squeezed his tootsies into them last night when we were assembling clothes.

Today is the day I rewash all of Mr Darcy’s clothes because he might be allergic to a laundry detergent I used. I have load one in already with my homemade detergent. I bought the new stuff because it had “smell” and our water here is so nasty that our clothes stink after being washed…And the darks are bleached out because of all of the chlorine and chemicals used in our Rio Grande water.  I can’t have my man have hives right now. It’s not preferred at any time – but REALLY not now.

Today is the day I clean the house from top to bottom so it will be tidy when we return even though we don’t know when we leave.

Today is the day I will keep the phone attached to me – even when I go to the (gasp) restroom. (You know that’s when the phone always rings….)

Today is the day I pray for my hubby to have extra grace, extra peace, extraordinary wisdom and for me to give him extra loves….



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