What I don’t like about ground turkey…and other culinary delights

Right now, I have ground turkey sizzlin’ away on the stove.  In a few moments it will be a part of the spaghetti sauce that will coat each and every one of our cute little radiatore pastas.  It will be yummy.  I just know it.

I buy ground turkey for a variety of reasons – the first being the supposed health benefits vs ground beef. The second would be the price. Ground beef is scary expensive down here. Scary. Really.  I don’t use turkey for any other menu item other than browned and crumbled usage. You know, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, sloppy joes, tacos…. I won’t go into the other reasons, although I am sure you want to know them.  I just want to keep you guessing.

The last time I made a dish with ground turkey, my man was unpleased. This means the opposite of happy. He stated something akin to, “Babe…Why are you using this instead of beef? I want beef. No more ground turkey. I can tell it’s turkey every time. You don’t fool me, Janna.”  Yep, that was pretty much what he said. So I told him I would try. But this morning, I noticed I had two rolls of ground turkey in the freezer. I felt compelled to use them.I had no choice. “Waste not, want not”, my mother always said. It still doesn’t make much sense to me as a mantra, though. Then again, her family also brought the, “Sing at the table, whistle in bed, the devil will get ya before you are dead” saying to the mix…but I digress.

So, back to the title of this post…what I don’t like about ground turkey (besides the fact Mr Darcy is totally going to be unpleased with this dinner.) When I put the raw turkey in the skillet to brown it, I take great care to beat it to a pulp with the spoon so it will be in little crumbles. I really work at it. I stand over it and continue the process, all the while looking like some heinous butcher as I beat that turkey into submission. You know what happens? The minute I turn my back and go to another room for a nanosecond, that crazy stuff attaches itself back together! WHAT? It’s like that scene in all the Terminator movie where the drops of leftover robot slide together and make a new robot. Do you remember that? Maybe it was the Blob movie. I can’t remember. In any case, this ground turkey does not want to be in crumbles. It wants to be in giant clumps and I don’t like that. It scares me a little.

So, tonight will be the last night I willingly go against my main man on the ground turkey. I won’t do it again.


I don’t want some robot blob turkey attacking us while we are all sitting on the couch later on tonight.

Bon Appetit!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 22:12:18

    why don’t blogs have a like button? I guess I will just have to type: “I liked this” 🙂


  2. elaine
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 09:51:57

    Really cute post. I have some ground turkey in my freezer. I have been told it makes good hamburgers. Not convinced about that, so it sits there and every time I open the freezer I wonder if I should try it. After your post I think not. 🙂


  3. Amanda
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 13:46:36

    Tip: put one beef bouillon cube in with ground turkey while cooking. Try it and see if it helps!


  4. Rhonda
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 23:02:39

    I thought I was the only one who wrestled ground turkey like it was still running in the yard. Since I’m not much of a cook figured it was me and me alone stabbing and restabbing the stuff. But you should see my biceps. I’m buff! 😉


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