Freeze ahead meals

Last grocery day, I purchased enough food and disposable pans so I could make some meals in triplicate and freeze them.  I went to the store late Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday night, I came down with strep throat. It was a doozy of a time for me. I was down for the count. Bedridden. Yuck. No meals in shiny throw-away pans lining my freezer.

I love my man, but Mr Homemaker he is not. Each night, he would appear by my sick side and gently ask, “what were your plans for dinner?” (or lunch, depending on the day) I would open my eyes only long enough to give him a look that I hoped said, “please tell me you are not waking me up for this…” and I would whisper my response – “I don’t know.” He would wander out of the room and back downstairs to the kitchen.  He finally took the giant slab of ground beef that I had purchased and made 8 enormous hamburgers (gasp) and a supersized pan of taco meat. While I am proud of his efforts, this was not what I had originally planned so we have seen some weird meals around here since then!

My plans were to make several chicken spaghetti’s, poppy seed chickens, pizza pockets and meatloaf. I was only able to make three poppy seed chickens to grace the freezer. I have big plans for this next round of shopping. First of all, I am not going to be sick. That will help a lot.  I am going out of town at the end of October for several days and will need to have many meals socked away for my guys while I am gone.  I need easy, non-messy foods.  Who has a tried and true favorite they want to share with me? The only rule (and it’s a doozy) is that Mr Perfect is also Mr Picky. He doesn’t like many casseroles or mixed foods and he is not the world’s biggest fan of the vegetable. Yet I still love him.

While I wait patiently for your responses. let me tell you about something I read today: did you know you can put a meatloaf in a metal baking dish IN YOUR CROCKPOT????  Well, I didn’t. I am trying it tomorrow. We have to do crockpot meals twice a week because of basketball practice. We leave the house at 3 and don’t get home until after 7pm.  I will let you know what happens.

I did go to my happy place on Friday and bake. My Bosch and I baked 5 loaves of sandwich bread, tons of hamburger and hot dog buns, crescent rolls (froze those before they rose) and a bunch of pancakes. I really had a good time. I am so thankful for my mixer and grain mill. I feel like I am really doing something special for my guys. I like that.

That’s about it for now. I look forward to your great freezer friendly ideas. My aluminum foil pans are ready and waiting!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 10:54:02

    Mr. Perfect is also Mr. Picky – that made me laugh. And I’m going to have to ask you this afternoon who Mr. Bosch is – I can’t guess.


    • Amy
      Oct 02, 2010 @ 20:04:54

      Will they eat chicken pot pie? It freezes well.

      I’d also leave them some pre-shaped hamburger patties and some of your fabulous buns.

      Leave them a pot roast in the crock pot either the morning you leave or assemble it and put it in the fridge the day before, and all they have to do it plug it in and add chopped potatoes, etc. (that you have ready in the fridge in cold water) an hour or two before they are ready to eat.

      Frozen lasagna.

      Frozen meatballs — all they have to do it boil noodles and warm sauce and meatballs.

      Just some “food for thought.” ; )


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