What to say?

It’s Sunday night and my parents just left our house.  They have been here all day and I loved it. They are staying on the island, which is about 25 minutes from us.  I love being in the same room with them. It’s marvelous.

After church this morning, where my hubby preached a wonderful sermon on stewardship, we came home and ate a spaghetti dinner. Then my Mom and I went to Sam’s club. It was so much fun to go with her and walk slowly up and down the housewares section. We also tried on rings and tried some yummy apple cider.

Tuesday night, I am hosting my second annual Choctoberfest. I can’t wait!  Everyone brings something chocolate to share and the focus of the evening is try chocolate foods and talk. That’s it. That’s the whole agenda.  I bought my fall paper goods weeks ago. I still don’t know what I am making, though.  I wanted to have my flowered chair slipcovered by then, but it hasn’t happened. Oh well. I did get the dining room table primed, painted, glazed, distressed and poly-ed as well as the same treatment to a side table I bought over Christmas break. Happy Mama. The dining table is my favorite…I think because now drinks spilled won’t be absorbed by the very thirsty wood.

I am going to make these great casual (washable) slipcovers for the chairs. I would like to eventually paint them in crazy bright paint (maybe turquoise?) and move the whole setup to the breakfast eating area off the kitchen. I have to get Mr Darcy to build my NEW dining table before that happens, though!  It’s a good sign that he is looking at the plans right now, isn’t it?

Yes, I know these pictures are blurry. Again, it’s my cell phone camera. My digital camera is ALWAYS out of battery juice. What a bummer.

I will end this informative post with a question for you…do you buy coffee? We have wonderful friends that are in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia. A great company, called JustLoveCoffee, has a program that pays them a great portion of each sale of coffee for people who go through their link.  The coffee is very reasonable and I can tell you that it would bless our friends. Would you consider it, please?   You will?   Thanks!    Here’s the link:  http://www.justlovecoffee.com/BlakeChristina



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