Rest and Receiving

I haven’t blogged in a bit. I was busy – but only part of the time. The rest of the time I have been blissfully resting. I’ve been enjoying the little things in life and am being filled with hope for what’s to come. I love having hope. I love finding it.

Mr Darcy and I have been on a drastic (to me) eating plan for the past week and a half and therefore I have nothing exciting to talk about in the world of food. Let’s just say I am tired of meat and I want to dive into a sandwich. With a side of cake, please.  Oh dear.

I was at a bridal shower this afternoon and was reminded how blessed I was at my bridal showers. Such lovely ladies hosted and attended and extravagantly blessed us as we began our life together.  We returned from our honeymoon to our new apartment filled with even more gifts for us to open. After opening several gifts, Mr Darcy came upon a gift from his friends, Jeff and Norm. It was a ceiling fan.  Later, he opened a box from his friend, Bruce.  It was a leather basketball. Now, this girl did not know why anyone would give anyone else a basketball or fan, but my new husband was thrilled beyond words.  He still talks about those special gifts. Now, 18+ years later, I wouldn’t trade those gifts for anything.

How wonderful it is to belong to One who give such good gifts to us!  How often do I receive the gift and think, “um, wait a second here, Lord…this is not really what I had on my registry. What were you thinking? This isn’t even my color or pattern!”  Forgive me, Father, for when I have responded this way and didn’t have eyes to see that the gift was exactly what I needed and even wanted later down the road!



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