Have I mentioned that I’m perfect?

Hey…Have I mentioned that I am perfect? Yes…me.  Have I told you how utterly amazing my house looks at all hours of the day? Have I gently whispered how all of my children not only obey me 24/7 but keep their rooms so clean it looks like this months’ Pottery Barn catalog?  Oh, and did you read my post about how I am even-tempered and never overeat and how kind I am to everyone I meet?

I didn’t?

Hmmm….that’s because if I did, it would be a big chunky lie.  And that’s the truth. I would love to have the boys’ room look like remotely like anything in a Pottery Barn catalog, though!  And I sure wish I was kind all of the time. But I’m not. Right now, I am sitting in my favorite chair in my slippers with a pile of papers on one side of me and a pile of books and magazines on the other. And that’s what’s normal.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t written anything on this blog in a while. Here’s what happened. In my zeal for sharing (and I do have zeal) and learning and getting excited about people taking charge and not feeling helpless in their own homes, I wrote. And I wrote some more. And many of you wrote me or told me in person that you liked what I wrote and even more of you subscribed to my blog. Some of you I don’t even know in real life.  And then, as my Grandmother used to say…

I got the big head.

I started thinking about “me” a lot. And in my mind, I was getting cooler and cooler. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know what’s in my mind? I started thinking about where this little blog could go instead of enjoying it where it was. I got a little full of myself. When I realized this. I quit. I had to. I really did.

Maybe you are sitting at home or at work or on an airplane going to Paris and reading this and saying to yourself, “Yeah, I never thought she was all that.”  And you’d be right.  I’m not.  But I will tell you something: I serve the One who IS ALL THAT. Anything good in me or good that I might do is because of Him. Period.   By His mercy I sit here at my house, in my favorite chair with beautiful children making mess and noise all around me. Because of His Great Love can I ever imagine to have the grace to face the challenges that each day brings. He saved me. He rescued me. Even when I turned from Him, He never turned from me.

I’m not perfect, but I sure am blessed.

So, tonight I type while my freezer poppy seed chicken bakes in the oven with no door handle.  I look to my left and see a new recipe for a freezer-friendly meal I want to try. I plan the details for the final lifegroup meal I will make tomorrow night. I think of each of you who might read this. Do you know you don’t have to perfect? Do you know that you are loved? I hope so.

I’ve missed you, adventures in Jannaland….