Snowy and Settled

Greetings from…?

I am here. Where?  Oh, only about 1,347 miles North of the bottom of Texas, where we used to live. 845 miles North, Northeast of North Texas, where we spent the months of mid-August through mid-December. As I type this, I am watching the snow blow and blow on our deck. It’s 17 degrees outside and I’m sitting on the couch with a space heater 4 inches in front of me. We did not register for a space heater 19 years ago when we got married. It’s our first one. I love it. It is the most fought-over item in our home lately!

After leaving the Rio Grande Valley in the middle of August, we stayed in North Texas (DFW area) for 4 months. Well, Mr Darcy stayed for 3.5 and the boys and I left the week before Christmas. Our movers arrived with all of our worldly possessions in Northwestern Illinois exactly one week before Christmas. I’ll tell you, it was almost like Christmas when we opened our boxes of toys and “things” we hadn’t seen for 4 months! After a house sale fell through at the last minute, Mr Darcy found us a wonderful home that we are renting. We’d love to buy it. It’s just perfect for us. We’ll see what God says about it later on.

Our new church home is AWESOME. Mr Darcy loves his new job. Loves the people he works with. It’s a lot of love around here. For the first time in our married lives, we have a basement. We love it. The Legos live down there. My crafting stuff lives down there. Mr Darcy’s office lives down there as well as firstborn’s weight lifting equipment, holiday storage and…all my kitchen supplies that I don’t use every day. It’s awesome. I’ll have to post a picture soon.

I have only made bread once since we have been here. I know…how weird is that? It’s just that we haven’t been eating ANY bread for a week and a half. Crazytown. I am already planning a marathon baking day and cinnamon rolls for breakfast on January 30! I don’t know if you know this, but you can get some pretty sweet deals on baking supplies on I ordered SAF yeast at a fantastic deal (I think it’s the best) and buttermilk powder 2 weeks ago. This week I ordered 2 pounds of cinnamon at a real steal. Today, I ordered foil baking pans (cake size) that I am hoping I read the package amount right on. If I did, I lucked out. 🙂

Since I mainly tell you all what I have been making , this won’t be very exciting. However, we did enjoy something fun today at lunch. We are calling it pizza soup. It’s merely tomato soup with small chunks of pepperoni and mozz cheese in it. It was yummy  (so says the boys – I don’t eat pepperoni) and wowza was it cheap to make. Very nice on a cold, blustering day. We have enjoyed cheeseburger soup lately as well as baked potato soup in the past few weeks. We also tried something I have never made and probably won’t make again – coq au vin. It wasn’t bad, just not something we loved. At least when we visit France again someday, we’ll know what it is!

Now that I feel settled and only have books left to unpack (we still need to buy/make bookshelves as one broke completely during the move and we had built-ins at the last house and we have 15 boxes sitting in the living room, no lie) I am ready to blog again. I just felt like I had nothing to say for the past 4 months. I would sit in front of my laptop with this blog open in front of me and bang out a sentence or two, but it was yuck. But I have plenty to say now, so watch out. I am ready! I feel like “me” again and I missed me.

So far, our new neighbors have kept themselves pretty scarce. I don’t know if it’s because it’s winter or because they aren’t southern :-). At first, I was getting sad about it, but then I decided I was going to be neighborly and show ’em how it’s done. Here’s my plan: Valentine’s Day is coming up and I plan to make cinnamon rolls in the pans I just ordered from Amazon, smothered in The Pioneer Woman’s Maple Icing 

(if you haven’t tried that, you are missing out!) and say “Happy Valentine’s Day from your new neighbors!”  I can’t wait!

Who could YOU surprise this year with some baked (or just homemade) goods this year for Valentine’s Day? Tell me, tell me true….



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 21:27:52

    Just got home from our last garage sale – thank you Jesus. Sat down to eat an orange and read your blog. Hard to eat an orange with a lump in your throat. I’m so happy for you but I miss you terribly.


    • Janna
      Jan 21, 2012 @ 11:17:41

      I miss you so….I hope the garage sale was great. One step closer to bringing that baby (or babies!) home from AFRICA!!! xoxo


  2. Syble Hanson
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 02:50:16

    I love you Janna Briggs!! I’m glad we are cousins!


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