Smellavision and other Wonkas

I really wish there was a real Smellavision. Today, I have simmering in my crockpot, the most amazing marinara sauce.   When I went to Sam’s Club over the weekend, I purchased a GIANT can of crushed tomatoes, along with GIANT cans of tomato sauce, corn and green beans. I have already portioned out the green beans and frozen them, and plan to do the same with the corn. I have been wanting to try the marinara sauce recipe and I am glad I did. That GIANT can was $3.22 and fills my crockpot. After eating the sauce (with meatballs and grated fresh parmesan) here’s what I would do differently:

1. I’d cook the garlic in a bit of olive oil first

2. I’d add giant chunks of vegetables. Oh wait, no one else at my house would eat that, so scratch that. 🙂

It’s delicious. I am so glad I tried this. I am waiting for it to cool so I can put it in my freezer bags. Yum.

Can you smell it at your house? Mmmmmmmm.

Besides the marinara sauce, I also made three lasagnas and put those in the freezer.


Now, you are probably saying to yourself, “hold on a second, Janna…. I thought you said your freezer wasn’t working.”  Uh huh. Guess what was wrong?

In our house (and apparently this is common up here) every room has a light switch but only the kitchen and dining rooms have overhead lights. Weird, I know….but stick with me. So, the light switch works an electrical outlet in that room. (Guess who had to buy floors lamps as soon as they moved in?) Yesterday, in a moment that can only be described as God-inspired, I thought to myself, “I wonder if the light switch in the basement (where our freezer now lives) works the outlet that the freezer is plugged into?” I asked that question out loud to Mr Darcy who promptly went down to the basement and plugged a portable fan into every outlet whilst yelling, ” THAT’S IT!!” You see, every time we went downstairs into that part of the basement (one half is finished with carpet and paneling and such, the freezer side is past that) we turned on the light so we could see. I would walk over to the freezer and, sure enough, it would be on.  Then, perplexed as to why is wasn’t working, I would leave the basement, turning the light switch off when I left – because that what has been drilled in my head to do since I was a wee babe. Each and every time we left the basement, not only were we saving electricity by turning the lights off, we were saving big bucks by turning off the freezer. Oh dear. It’s been working like a charm ever since we taped over the light switch. 🙂

That’s pretty much it in the “eureka” moments over at our house. Did you know that “eureka” means “I found it?”  It’s one of those crazy things that I remember from grade school history. I love trivia.

Now I can use Craig and his list to find bookshelves…the 15 boxes of books sitting in the formal living room are really getting to me.




6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. martha benavides
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 10:05:08

    Miss you dearly Mrs. Janna!!! I have a question for you. Do you freeze the portions in bags or tupperware? We are currently experimenting on a vegetarian diet to elimanate the added hormones for Derek and Diego. I need to stock up on tons of veggies.


  2. Janna
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 10:16:59

    Hello, Martha!!
    I freeze in Ziplocks and I use my Seal-A-Meal. The green beans did not like the Seal-A-Meal yesterday!! Too juicy, even thought I drained them. You can freeze in tupperware, though. I have done that, too. The library has lots of books on canning and preserving that can really get you started. I am sure you know this, but Quorn brand veggie patties, etc don’t have the soy in them, unlike the Morningstar Farms, Gardenburgers and such. They have lots of different things. And I was just telling my sister (who has been a vegetarian since 1983) about a recipe that I am sure would be amazing subbing portabello mushrooms for the meat. It’s spicy! (But, as Derek says, our spicy is his ketchup!) Since you all go to San Antonio more often, you should check out Azure Standard for organic veggies in bulk. That’s as far down in TX as they go, though. Once a month delivery to a central drop point.



  3. Vanessa
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 17:41:44

    I thought of you today. My heart smiled.


  4. Janna
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 17:59:44

    Oh Vanessa…

    I think about you so often. Since I’m not on facebook until Monday, I feel like I haven’t been able to keep up with you and the fabulous four. Hope you are well. Love you bunches.



  5. Christina
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 19:59:01

    woohoo! so glad your freezer is working!


  6. Janna
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 09:54:24

    Christina –

    Me too! I wish you were here to see it!



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